Music is integral to worship and Christian education at The First Congregational Church. Our church enjoys six active choirs spanning all ages from three-year-olds through older adults, a popular and respected concert series, and many soloists and instrumentalists who lead worship in a variety of styles, including classical, contemporary, jazz, bluegrass, and more. For more information about FCC's Music Ministry, please e-mail

Choirs and Ensembles

Children's and Youth Choirs

  • CAROL CHOIR (4 year olds through 2nd graders))
    Rehearsals: Wednesdays, 4:30 pm
    Carol Choir enjoys a thirty-minute rehearsal designed for our youngest ‘musicians’. Repetitiveand quick-learning children’s songs and games plant life-long songs, Bible verses, and Christianprinciples in the minds and hearts of our Carol Choir choristers.

  • COVENANT CHOIR (3rd through 7th graders)
    Rehearsals: Wednesdays, 5:00p to 6:00p
    Choristers in Covenant Choir learn the invaluable gift of reading music, discover how to useone’s voice in a variety of ways, sing in several different languages each year, all the whilesubconsciously learning churchmanship, teamwork, and Christian Education, exploring thetalents, gifts, and abilities God has given us, and gaining respect for—and sharing Christianfellowship with—one another.

  • CANNTATE CHOIR (8th through 12th grade youth)
    Rehearsals: Wednesdays, 6:45p to 7:30p
    Cantate Choir further the goals begun in Covenant Choir as it samples music of many styles,from multi-part anthems with piano or organ accompaniment to a cappella anthems, fromcontemporary Christian songs to singing with FCC’s own Worship or Youth Band.

Adult Choirs

  • Chancel Choir, Edwin R. Taylor, director
    The all-volunteer non-auditioned Chancel Choir is open to all ages and singing backgrounds. The choir explores choral literature from all periods as it offers inspiring sacred music in worship and concert. Group vocal techniques, church music history, prayer, and Christian fellowship are woven into weekly rehearsals. The choir meets on Thursday evenings 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm, and sings in worship generally on the first, second, and third Sundays of each month. New members are always welcome. On select Sundays, the choir also invites interested singers to rehearse at 9:00 am, and sing in the 10:00 am service.

  • Concert Choir, Edwin R. Taylor, director
    The Concert Choir, comprised of members of the Chancel Choir and singers from other area religious and community choirs, performs choral/orchestral works three times annually, generally complemented by a professional orchestra or ensemble, as part of the Fountain Music Series. While no audition is held, a background in choral music is helpful. Rehearsals are on specific Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings. Contact for more information.

  • Celebration Ringers, Edwin R. Taylor, director
    The Celebration Ringers is an ensemble of handbell ringers that performs on our five-octave set of Schulmerich Handbells and three-octave set of Malmark Choirchimes. Open to all ages from middle school through adult, this group does not require an audition, but music-reading skill is expected. new members and substitute ringers are always welcome. Rehearsal is on Thursdays at 5:30pm. Celebration Ringers play in worship generally the fourth Sunday of each month, as well as in two or three concerts each season on the Fountain Music Series.

Worship/Youth Band

The Worship Band and Youth Band consist of core groups of instrumentalists and singers that welcome new members as they lead worship periodically through the year. The Worship Band began as a ChristCare small group focused on bluegrass gospel music. Meeting in the church basement, they soon began playing for worship and church events. As The Soggy Basement Boys, the group now performs sacred and secular bluegrass and popular favorites at various venues in the community, as well as at church. If you have played in a band or would like to join FCC's Worship Band or Youth Band, email for contact information.

Our 42-Rank Wicks Pipe Organ

Wicks Organ Company, of Highland, Illinois, completed our 42-rank, 2,688-pipe organ in 1995, during Jane Wilmot's 25 year tenure as FCC's Music Director. The organ was dedicated in recital by the late William Whitehead, who also served as the designer/consultant for this varied instrument. Our instrument is well suited to a wide range of organ literature, from German Baroque to French Classical, from Romantic orchestral to contemporary styles. The organ is employed regularly in leading worship, congregational hymn-singing, choir accompaniment, concert performance, and in conjunction with orchestras and instrumental ensembles.

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