To give in the "traditional" way, you can put a check or cash in your weekly Faith Commitment envelope and put it in the offering plate during Sunday Worship. These envelopes also include the First Congregational Church address and can be dropped in the mail. If you don't have your envelope with you, in church, or if you don't have enveolpes, you can used a generic giving envelope that can be found in the pews or just place your contribution in the plate.

Contributions, in addition to your Faith Commitment to the General fund, can easily be made by writing a check and indicating the purpose or fund, such as one of our Mission Partners, in the Note area of your check. There is also an envelope each month, for Special Mission Giving, to a designate fund such as the Deacon's Fund, Blanket Sunday, Heifer Project, Local Mission, etc., in your giving envelop packet.

All contributions are fully tax deductable and you will receive a statement summarizing your giving.