More Information on Electronic Giving at The First Congregational Church

Like many churches, The First Congregational Church asks its members and friends to support the church with now and then contributions and an annual Faith Commitment. We carry out Faith Commitment process during October and November which culminates in Faith Commitment Sunday in November. New members and those who did not make a Faith Commitment in November can make a Faith Commitment at any time during the year.

Establishing a Faith Commitment and making one time gifts help the church determine a realistic financial budget. However, the main purpose of making a Faith Commitment and periodic contributions is the spiritual benefit it brings to the giver. By making a formal commitment and other contributions to the Church, we create a strong bond between ourselves and the Church, and this, in turn, contributes to our spiritual development.

Many Congregational Churches have begun offering Electronic Giving. Feedback from these churches indicates that members like the added convenience of electronic giving. Church members and friends also mentioned how much they appreciate that their financial gifts to the church continue even if they are out of town and unable to attend the worship service.

For the convenience of our Members and Friends, the First Congregational Church now provides a facility to make contributions electronically. You can make these reoccurring contributions or one time contributions by using a credit card or by a direct electronic transfer from your checking or savings account.

Benefits of making contributions electronically include:

  • No need to write checks or bring cash to church.
  • Peace-of-mind knowing that the church is receiving your contribution even if you’re unable to attend.
  • More secure than checks.
  • All contributions are recorded for you on your bank or credit card statement with date of settlement.
  • All contributions are recorded on your FCC Contribution Statement with date of settlement.
  • It costs you nothing.

Perhaps Electronic Giving is a way to help you achieve your stewardship plan for The First Congregational Church.