Establish an Automatic Re-occurring Contribution Plan to
The General Giving Fund

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Thank you for initiating an automatic and re-occurring contribution to the General Giving Fund of the First Congregational Church. When you make a Faith Commitment (sometimes referred to as a pledge), your Faith Commitment contributions are directed to the General Operating Fund. You need not have a Faith Commitment to make contributions to the General Operating Fund. You can make these re-occurring contributions by using a credit card or by a direct electronic transfer from your checking or savings account.

Here's how it works: You authorize a specified amount to be electronically transferred from your checking or savings account to the General Giving Fund or to be charged to your credit card for payment to General Giving Fund. You then specify the frequency of the transfer, such as weekly, monthly, or quarterly. It's fast, safe, easy, and secure.

We will take you through several steps to set up your re-occurring payment and to insure your accuracy and privacy. Remember: with this series of steps, you can only make re-occurring contributions to the General Giving Fund, which is the fund associated with Faith Commitments and pledges.

First, we will gather some information about you and ask for your envelope number, if you have one. So, please complete and submit the following information.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email our electronic contribution coordinator at

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Please complete the following information to set up your automatic contribution and then choose how you would like to make your contribution.

Please note: You cannot make a change to an existing automatic contribution with this series of steps; only establish a new automatic contribution. If you need to change an existing automatic contribution, please contact our electronic contribution coordinator at

Make a re-occurring contribution to the General Giving Fund
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